5 Best Body Bench Workouts With Weight Bench

best body weight workouts

Weight benches are ideal if you are looking for fitness equipment that allows you to carry out a variety of exercises. A weight bench offers versatility and can be used for chest presses, lifting dumbbells, core exercises, and much more! Although Body Bench Workouts are on the low-impact side, you still want to make sure that you warm up your body before the main show begins. So spend 10 to 20 minutes getting loose with whichever warm-up is most comfortable for you.

Warm-up options:

  • A quick jog around the block
  • Stretching (Save the deep stretches for after the main workout)
  • Leg Swings
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Foam rolling

Let’s move to 5 Best Body Bench Workouts:

Incline Push Ups

  • Stand in front of the bench, then squat or bend down and place both hands on either side of it with your fingers pointing forward.
  • Your hands should be about shoulder-width apart. Once your hands are in the right position, step your body back into a plank position, one leg at a time.
  • Make sure your body is in a straight line, your head is aligned with your spine, and your lower back isn’t sagging before continuing.
  • Looking a few inches ahead of you, rather than down at the bench, can help keep your body straight.
  • Bend your arms to help you slowly lower your chest toward the bench. Straighten your arms to bring yourself back up into a straight line.

Sit Ups

  • Sit on the bench with your knees bent. Hook your legs under the foot brace. Lie down so that your upper body is parallel to the floor, place your hands behind your neck, or cross them over your chest.
  • Raise yourself from the bench, and make sure your abs stay tightened and your back is straight. It would be best if you raised up until your upper body is completely vertical.
  • Lower yourself down slowly until the back of your shoulders touches the bench. Keep your back straight and your abs tight.

Bulgarian Split Squats

  • Stand 2 to 3 feet in front of the bench. Extend your right leg behind you and rest your toes on the bench. Toes can be flat or tucked, according to personal preference.
  • Square your hips and shoulders. Keeping your torso upright, slowly lower your right knee toward the floor. Your front knee will form approximately a 90-degree angle (it may go farther, depending on your mobility; just make sure your knee doesn’t cave inward).
  • Maintain evenly distributed weight in your whole foot. Don’t shift forward on the toes or exaggerate pushing through the heel. Reverse the move.

Single Leg Step Ups

  • Stand beside the bench and place one foot firmly on the bench while the other foot stays planted on the floor.
  • While keeping your chest up and core tight, bring the back leg up and towards the chest. Step back into starting position and repeat.

Russian Twists

  • Sit on the bench and bring your legs out straight, locking your legs under the foot brace.
  • Lean back slightly so your torso and legs form a V-like shape, bracing your abdominal wall to engage your core.
  • Balancing here and keeping your legs stationary, twist your torso from side to side.

Fitscode Fitness Company has a variety of weight benches available based on your fitness requirements. Whether it’s for the home or gym, this equipment can do a stellar job of helping you or other gym-goers reach their fitness goals.

Some recommendations include the Foldable Home Weight Bench, the Multi-Purpose Exercise Weight Bench, and the Multi-Functional Olympic Gym Bench. All of these benches are available at industry-best prices.

Fitscode Fitness Company

Fitscode Fitness Company

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