Rowing: The Ultimate Cardio and Strength Training Combination

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A rowing workout is an efficient and effective way to get in shape, as it combines both cardio and strength training. Not only does rowing give you a full-body workout, but it’s also an excellent way to burn calories and build lean muscle. Find out more about how rowing can help you achieve your fitness goals here.

Understand the Benefits of Rowing Workout

Rowing is a great exercise for those looking to both build strength and get their cardio in. Not only does it engage the large muscle groups in your back, legs, and arms, but it also challenges and builds your cardiovascular system. By working out with a rowing machine or on the water, you can strengthen and tone your body while also burning calories efficiently.

Rowing is considered a low-impact aerobic exercise, meaning that it does not put too much strain on your joints. Unlike jogging or running, the resistance used in rowing comes through the use of a flywheel, making it unlikely for you to overstretch or overexert your muscles during a rowing session. Additionally, having no impact on your body means that you can row for longer periods of time with fewer after-effects and recovery times than other activities. Whether you choose to use an indoor rowing machine or join a crew team out on the water, this type of exercise can help improve flexibility while also increasing strength and muscle endurance.

Learn Proper Technique

Proper technique is key to getting the most out of rowing. Take time to learn and practice the proper form as an incorrect technique can lead to injury or decreased results. As you progress, watch and feel how your body moves in each workout, correcting any flaws in your form that you may find. With a few months of regular rowing combined with proper technique, you will start to notice an increase in strength, power, and endurance.

The author Tiffany Ayuda‘s views on rowing workout in “Does Rowing ‘Count’ as Strength Training?” this article, as shown in the passages quoted below.

Whether you’re on a boat or on an indoor rower, a proper rowing stroke has four phases: the catch, drive, finish, and recovery, according to the American Council on Exercise. You’ll begin with the catch, or the starting position, with your arms straight and upper body hinging forward slightly at your hips, with your lats and core engaged. The catch sets you up for the drive, the phase where the major work gets done: You’ll press your feet into the footplates, driving energy through your heels and pulling your arms back. In the finish, or the stabilization phase, you’ll fully extend your legs, pulling your upper body back a bit more, so the handlebar is above your belly button at your lower chest. The recovery phase is the prep for the next stroke: You’ll extend your arms over your legs before hinging at your hips so you can do it all again. 

Choose the Right Equipment

Whether you plan to use a rowing machine at the gym or want to invest in one for your home, there are several things to consider when selecting a rowing machine — including size, resistance, and budget. Professional rowers will need to purchase their own rowing machine which should have adjustable resistance levels that reflect the intensity of the training session. Be sure to find one with strong construction materials like durability and sturdiness as well as tips on proper form and cleaning instructions.

Choosing the right equipment for a full-body rowing workout is essential. If you’re looking to get the full range arm, shoulder, and chest exercise, your best bet is a machine that has dual independent rowing handles with rubber-coated hand grips and comfortable grip balls. This will ensure you get the most out of your rowing session!

That is an article on the best rowing machines for home use for your reference。

Mix up Your Workouts with Interval Training or Racing

For more experienced rowers, interval training or racing can be an effective way to challenge your body and continuously see results. Interval training is a high-intensity form of exercise in which you alternate between intense bursts of activity and periods of rest. Racing, on the other hand, involves competing against other participants for time, distance, or speed. Both options allow you to mix up your workouts and get the most out of rowing.

Use Good Posture and Form While Exercising

Proper form is essential for maximum muscle involvement, efficient movement and endurance, and safety — all of which help you get the best results from your rowing routine. Keep your back straight in a comfortable position throughout the workout. Hold onto the oars at shoulder level with arms in line with your body and legs bent as needed to move through each stroke. Lastly, focus on keeping a consistent rhythm.

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