How To Choose a Wonderful Treadmill As an Exercise Beginner

Whether you’re a beginner to running or looking for an intense cardio workout, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to buying a treadmill. Before you head out to your nearest Fitscode Fitness Company, it’s important to know what features to look for so you can find the perfect machine that fits your needs.


The motor is the heart of the treadmill, and the output horsepower directly reflects the size of the ability of the treadmill. Treadmill horsepower to the letters HP.

“Sustained horsepower”: treadmill long-term sustained and stable work horsepower value.

1HP about 70 kg load-bearing. In simple classification, 1 ~ 2HP is the entry-level treadmill configuration, and 2 ~ 3HP is the mainstream high-end model configuration. 3HP above to import high-end models mainly.

“Peak horsepower”: refers to the maximum output power that the treadmill can achieve, irrelevant.

Continuous horsepower is a direct reflection of the treadmill’s power.

Want the treadmill can easily load in daily use, to ensure its normal service life, one should choose sustained horsepower and the person’s weight to match.

running belt width

Currently on sale models, running belt width span range mainly in 42cm-58cm. running belt width directly affects the size of the three-dimensional space of your movement, the wider the runway, can get more similar the feeling of ground running; the narrower the runway, its corresponding price is lower, and the running experience is relatively poor. Choose the width of the running belt mainly considering the body fat and thin, shoulder width factors, in the budget range. Experience shows that women start at 44cm, and men start at 46cm can get a good running experience, otherwise, the running process is easy to step on the edge, and there is a certain security risk. 45 to 48 cm is the level of the mid-range mainstream, and the width of 52 cm, is a common configuration of high-end models.

** Running belt width is directly proportional to the price and comfort. **

treadmill shock absorption

Treadmill shock absorption in the cost of the treadmill occupies a large proportion, its effect is good or bad on the user’s knee, and ankle protection is closely related, so it is also one of the important indicators of treadmill selection.

At present, the common shock absorption categories are spring shock absorption type, silicone/rubber column shock absorption type, airbag shock absorption type, suspension shock absorption type, etc., with the overall cost and price in ascending order. The material of shock absorption is associated with the overall material of the treadmill, which is also the main difference between entry-level and high-end models. With a good shock absorption system, the stability of the machine will generally be more solid, better silent effect.

The treadmill’s shock-absorbing and silent effect are proportional to the price, it is recommended to consider the budget and the frequency of fitness hours, according to the need to choose.

Incline adjustment

Incline adjustment can enrich the exercise intensity and simulate climbing, which is a practical function. Entry-level models need to confirm whether equipped if so, to understand whether manual adjustment or automatic adjustment (of course, automatic adjustment is better).

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Fitscode Fitness Company

Fitscode Fitness Company

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