DA3003 Adjustable Vinyl Coated Dumbbell 10kgs

Get the most out of your space & workout with the DA3003 Adjustable Vinyl Coated Dumbbells! This set of adjustable weights will help you reach your fitness goals without taking up too much room in your home gym. With a sleek design and vinyl-coated grip, these dumbbells are comfortable to use & easy on flooring during intense exercise.

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Product Descriptions:

The DA3003 Adjustable Vinyl Coated Dumbbell is a great way to get an effective full-body workout from home. With 10kg maximum weight, this dumbbell allows you to perform anything from basic toning exercises such as shoulder presses and chest presses to more advanced moves like hammer curls and lunges. Featuring ergonomic and non-slip handles for a comfortable grip, the dumbbells are coated with a sleek vinyl finish for durability.

●Color: Red, Green, Yellow
●Package: Wooden case
●Quality fitness product for home use



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