DB4004 Recumbent Bike


Recumbent bike stationery is a kind of aerobic fitness equipment, long-term exercise, can thin calf, thigh, waist, shape, reduce fat, strengthen cardiovascular function, increase blood oxygen capacity, improve joint flexibility, train body coordination, has a good recovery effect on musculoskeletal injuries.

Additional information

Item model number


Loading Capacity (20GP/40GP/40HQ)

96/201/240 units

Maximum User Weight


Product Dimensions

1513*610*1203 mm

Product Package

870*400*720 mm

Product Weight


Product Descriptions:

The DB4004 Recumbent Bike is designed to help you stay fit no matter where you are. Our full-function bike provides the same classic workout as its commercial variant, but in a smaller and more convenient size for easy setup in any home. With adjustable levels of intensity, adjustable seat height, an LCD monitor with smartphone connectivity, and an integrated cooling fan for convenience, the DB4004 Recumbent Bike will keep you comfortable while pushing towards your fitness goals!

Magnetic adjustable resistance
6kgs inner magnetic wheel, two ways,3pc crank
With Heart Rate Monitor and Hand Pulse
Saddle vertically adjustable system
Manual 8-level resistance adjustable system
With moving wheels for movement
Max capacity 120kg/250lbs


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