DFK1500 Twist Machine

Simple home fitness products for different parts of the body, and effective exercise, so as to achieve the effect of fitness and shaping.

Additional information

Item model number


Loading Capacity (20GP/40GP/40HQ)

1440/–/3118 units

Maximum User Weight


Product Dimensions

570.4*362.8*1370 mm

Product Package

590*380*100 mm

Product Weight


Product Descriptions:

Get the perfect core workout in with the DFK1500 Twist Machine. Work your back, abs, and arms with this easy-to-use machine that provides spinning and twisting motions to help tone and strengthen your core. The comfortable handlebars provide a secure grip while you work out and its ergonomic design reduces strain on your back and arms.

FUN: Get into shape the fun way with the Twist & Shape
EASY: Just step on and start to twist those calories away
EFFECTIVE: Slim, trim, tone, tighten and strengthen your waist, thighs, quads, glutes, legs, buns, and core
Maximum user weight 100kg


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