DMG8200 Multi Homegym With Weight Bench

This home gym system offers a total-body strength training solution from the comfort of your home. Sculpt your chest and shoulders at the Chest Press and Butterfly Press Stations, your quads and hip flexors at the Leg Developing Station, your back and lats at the High Pulley Station, and your biceps and triceps at the Low Pulley Station. 

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Maximum User Weight


Product Dimensions

1710*2290*2100 mm

Product Weight


Product Descriptions:

DMG8200 Multi Homegym with Weight bench is perfect for a full-body workout in the comfort of your own home. The Homegym with Weight bench features strong construction with a solid steel frame, two 160 lb weight stacks, and an adjustable bench to allow you to do tons of exercises for developing upper and lower body muscles. Featuring multiple cable pulleys, it offers unparalleled placement of pulley positions targeting different muscle groups from different angles.

Butterfly, Lat pull down, Bicep Curl, Low pulley, High pulley, Leg extension training station
Seat height adjustable
Arm angle adjustable – Rear Delt. Fly Training
Weight plate 13*5.5+4.5=76 kgs
With Sandbag, Power Tower, Abs bench
With mesh cover


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