DMT3900 Under The Desk Treadmill


Take your workout to the office with a convenient under the desk treadmill! This post reveals five compelling reasons why you should consider it.

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Put an end to sedentary habits with the DMT3900 Under-Desk Treadmill. This 2 in 1 unit features both a walking surface and a running belt with a maximum speed of 12 km/h. An intuitively designed console lets you switch between the two. The lightweight design takes up minimal space, allowing it to perfectly fit at home or in the office while still allowing for the full range of motion when taking your next step.

Features: – Non-skid Surface – Adjustable Speed Range 0 – 12 Km/h – Patented Smart Go Console – Safety Key System With Emergency Stop Button Benefits: – Get your daily fitness goals achieved without leaving your workspace – Perfect for burning calories, promoting blood circulation, improving concentration and productivity – Space Saving Design that can be stored easily and used anywhere you need

Save Time and Money With an Under the Desk Treadmill.

An under the desk treadmill allows you to save both time and money in many ways. First, if you are already paying for a gym membership or a home gym, an under the desk treadmill is much more cost-effective. Plus, since it can fit right underneath your desk, you can easily turn your office into a mini workout haven – no extra space necessary! Finally, you’ll be able to squeeze in more activity throughout the day which can help you make the most of your limited time.

An under-the-desk treadmill can help you take small steps toward a healthier lifestyle. If you’re having trouble fitting exercise into your daily routine, this small machine could be the solution. Plus, since it fits conveniently beneath your desk, you won’t have to make expensive and/or space-consuming upgrades to your office or home setup in order to see results. Or, if you already go to the gym regularly but tend to lose motivation during those long drives or commutes, an under-the-desk treadmill just might provide the extra push that you need!



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