DRW3700 Magnetic Rowing Machine


Using the Synergy Power Motion rowing machine engages nearly the whole body’s muscle groups to work in conjunction. The Fitscode rower effects produce a powerful workout to maximize efficiency and calorie burn. Packed with features for a complete and total fitness experience.

Additional information

Item model number


Loading Capacity (20GP/40GP/40HQ)

196/397/455 pcs

Maximum User Weight


Product Dimensions

1620X450X870 mm

Product Package

1420X530X205 mm

Product Weight


Product Descriptions:

Get active in the comfort of your own home with the DRW3700 Magnetic Rowing Machine. This multifunctional piece of exercise equipment delivers a full body workout, including arms, core, and lower body strengthening. DRW3700 Magnetic Rowing Machine features eight levels of magnetic resistance to challenge all fitness levels while giving you a great range of motion and low-impact exercise. With the ability to pre-set your reps, time, and calorie tracking, this rower will have you burning calories in no time!

  • MAGNETIC TENSION: 8 levels of tension ensure a versatile and challenging workout with virtually no maintenance.
  • ERGONOMIC FOOT PEDALS: Engage your quads as you propel your legs back and forth on the pivoting foot pedals with adjustable straps. Slip-resistant handlebar ensures a secure grasp.
  • OVERSIZED SEATING: Large padded seating smoothly glides along with the slide rail inseam. Heavy-duty frame holds 250 lb while stabilizers promote stability.
  • STAND UP ROWER: The Fitscode Rowers can stand up to save space. Great for smaller in-home gyms.
  • SPM MONITOR: Check out all your fitness stats on the easy-to-read monitor displaying Scan, Time, Count, Calories, and Total Count.
  • Included Components: Rowing Machine, Instruction Manual


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