Three Major Factors To Choosing A Rowing Machine When You Exercise At Home

rowing Machine can exercise muscle function and improve the coordination of muscle activities

Rowing machines are a great home workout option to improve overall muscle strength and coordination. Exercises on the rowing machine work the muscles of the waist, back, arms, legs, and core while utilizing muscles in a rhythmic and coordinated fashion. With resistance from the machine, rowing exercises can increase strength in major muscle groups like the chest, latissimus dorsi, trapezius, and deltoid as well as quadriceps, sartorius, and other leg muscles. Furthermore, because of its movement requirements in pulling and pushing with the arms and legs simultaneously, rowing is also an excellent way to improve one’s overall coordination.

rowing can improve the flexibility of the body

Flexibility is the range of motion of the joints and the elasticity and stretch of the ligaments, tendons, muscles, skin, and other tissues surrounding the joints, including the range of motion of the joints and joint systems. As you get older, the elasticity of the soft tissues around your joints decreases. Exercise especially targeted extension training, can slow down the rate of elasticity decline and improve the flexibility of the body. A degree of flexibility is also the basis for all of our daily activities. 

In Rowing movement, our body, especially the lumbar back needs to continue to bend and stretch, the degree of spinal curvature is larger and can be very good pull the lumbar back ligament, tendon, and other soft tissues, promoting blood circulation, stimulating soft tissue repair, help improve the flexibility of the waist. Bending down to pick up something in daily life, sitting down and other movements need waist flexibility, the elderly with obstacles in this respect, can gradually carry out some rowing. 

rowing is good aerobic exercise. 

Rowing is the multi-muscle group of the whole body participating in the exercise, the intensity is not very big, about medium intensity is a good aerobic endurance exercise. Insisting on rowing can improve the aerobic metabolism of the human body, improve the oxygen intake capacity of the respiratory system, and the oxygen transmission capacity of the circulatory system, in short, can promote the improvement of heart and lung functions. Therefore, it is recommended that the middle-aged and elderly should keep rowing for 15 to 30 minutes each time, which can keep fit and keep fit without causing too much burden on the heart and lungs. 

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