What Can Do When Time Brings Anxiety?


Halfway through life, confused and restless

A person’s life will always experience countless turning points and anxiety. When you are out of shape and no longer wear old clothes, you are faced challenges and choices.
And when we are over forty, our understanding of the concept of time will change quietly. When we are young, we feel a lot of time and that the future is full of possibilities. Of course, dreams would come true.

However, when we reach the midpoint of our lives, we suddenly realize not many opportunities are left for us. Also, our dreams are still far away, and anxiety follows.

healthy hobbies

Only when a person is immersed in his personal hobbies can he be completely self-centered and not dominated by others. But for the matter of cultivating hobbies, as long as we are willing to invest in ourselves, we can get rewards. This kind of happiness that can be experienced alone has nothing to do with others. Sweating profusely and exhilaratingly while exercising, this huge sense of satisfaction is comparable to winning the Olympic Games. Healthy hobbies can not only relieve anxiety but also improve physical and mental health.

Set aside 15 minutes a day for hobbies

So we might try to set aside only 15 minutes for our hobbies every day, and stick to it every day.
Maybe you will be anxious because of this, and you may not be able to stick to taking 15 minutes a day, then spread the 15 minutes evenly over a day or even a week. For the really important things in life, it takes long-term enthusiasm and dedication.
Today’s anxious modern people can only feel the existence of “self” consciousness and live a happy life only by cultivating personal interests and hobbies. And these interests and hobbies will become lifelong friends who are always with us.

Get rid of anxiety, keep moving, and recharge your health

When people encounter setbacks, if they want to stand up again, they must maintain a certain psychological flexibility. The same goes for our bodies, so it’s important to stay active. Sleep is an important mechanism to ensure the body restarts, and exercise can also increase the body’s motivation. Mental maturity is important, but physical adjustment is also of irreplaceable importance.
After exercise, the physical condition gradually improves, and the sense of self-identity will also increase. Swimming, exercising, or taking a daily walk can all achieve a certain healing effect. Pleasure keeps accumulating. When other people seek medical advice everywhere due to exhaustion, they are sitting on “healthy capital” and living a happy life.

the root of the self is the self-experience of the body

Pleasure keeps accumulating. When other people seek medical advice everywhere due to exhaustion, they are sitting on “healthy capital” and living a happy life. Isn’t this an investment? Once the body becomes lighter, not only will the appearance look more energetic, but the attitude toward life will also be more positive and optimistic.
Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud believed that “the root of the self is the self-experience of the body”. Therefore, only by ensuring your own health can you take better care of yourself.

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